FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

For the first time in its history, Russia was granted the right to host the FIFA World Cup 2018 – soccer’s biggest tournament and one of the world’s largest sporting events.

Russia is a country with a rich history, athletic tradition and lots of experience in organising prestigious international tournaments. It is the world’s largest country with a population of around 140 million. More than half of them are football fans or at least follow the sporting news. FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is a phenomenally powerful magnet and living proof of the fact that humanity has been unable to invent anything more magical than a seemingly simple ball game: the championship will unite 190 ethnicities that populate Russia and about 2,000 nationalities from around the world.

Visa requirement will be waived for game-ticket holders and fans will be provided with free transfers to the stadiums as well as a well-organised navigation system and fan zones where everyone will be able to watch the game broadcasts for free. Such fan zones will appear in many cities – from Russia’s western borders to Siberia and the Far East.

On the lead-up to the global championship, football will become a unifying idea for the whole country. Celebrations in all the host cities will be attended by well-known athletes, prominent politicians and famous actors. They are all united in their love of football.

Many people are concerned about the safety. The thing is that Russia is one of the most policed country in the world. Even the train carriages have their own police on duty. The streets of a big cities in Russia are as safe (or as dangerous) as the streets of New York, London, Paris, Rome or Madrid.

Whether you’re a football fan or just consider spending your holidays in Russia, you are more than welcome to join the most remarkable event of the year World Cup 2018. Our licensed guides and tour leaders’ team will help to arrange the best time spending for you and your friends.