Independent travel to Kazan, Russia

If you happen to travel to Kazan one day – do not miss the opportunity to do it like a local! Traveling independently in Kazan becomes easier if you learn some tips on how to save money and above all, experience local culture in a rather different way.

One of the oldest cities not only in Russia but in Eastern Europe, Kazan is considered to be one of the most important economic, scientific and cultural centers of the country.

Kazan is rich of architectural monuments, parks, theatres, palaces built next to modern skyscrapers and water parks. The Temple of All Religions is one of the most unusual tourist attractions of Kazan. It is an architectural symbiosis of various religions, civilizations and cultures.

One day is simply not enough to get to know the city and have a closer look at the city’s most iconic landmarks. That’s why we suggest you to allocate extra 2-3 days on seeing the most interesting spots of the capital and fully enjoy your walking around.

Be sure to taste the real Tatar cuisine. Kazan is very famous for its bakery, that’s why we highly recommend you to try the local belyashi, echpochmaki and kystyby. The third capital of Russia is also famous for its sweets, that tourists like bringing back home as souvenirs. Delicacies chak-chak, talkysh-kaleve and gubadiya are especially famous for its taste.

Here below you can find approximate prices for outdoor dining areas:

Dining Rooms in Kazan:

Breakfast – 100 rubles; Lunch – 150 rubles; Dinner – 200 rubles.

Coffees of Kazan:

Breakfast – 150 rubles; Lunch – 250 rubles; Dinner – 500 rubles.

Restaurants in Kazan:

Breakfast – 200 rubles; Lunch – 400 rubles; Dinner – 1500 rubles.

We recommend choosing accommodation in Kazan based on your purpose of travel, as well as the companies you are travelling with. For example, if you would like to stay near the main attractions, it is better to choose Vakhitovsky district. In case you are planning family trip, check on the Moscow region. There are lots of stores and numerous shopping streets for the parents and amusement park “Kyrlay” for our little guests.

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  • Mosque Kazan
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  • stadium Kazan

The cost of living in Kazan is depending on the level of comfort that you prefer. The best and easiest way to find accommodation in the city is to book it through well-known and secure websites such as Skyscanner Hotels and To rent a room in the hostel will cost you only 400 rubles a day. The price for double room is starting from 1,300 rubles a day. The price for spacious apartments that are suitable for families or groups of friends is starting from 2000 rubles a day. Theoretically, you will pay the same amount of money for renting private apartments or room in a hostel. The perfect place to stay at a reasonable price you can find on the well-known service

You could also take a taxi, or hop on a tour, but often the best way to get around is to copy the locals and take public transport. Prices for one-way metro and bus tickets for a single journey depends on the method of payment and ticket type:

In cash – 25 rubles;

Transport Card – 23 rubles;

10 Trips Card – 23 rubles per trip;

50 Trips Card – 15 rubles per trip.

Relied on tourists’ opinions, it is advisable to complete your route with the streets of Bauman and Kremlyovskaya, where the most cultural and historical monuments are located. You will see the famous Kazan Kremlin, which includes such objects of antiquity as the Kul-Sharif mosque, the Syuyumbike tower, the Annunciation Cathedral and the Hermitage-Kazan exhibition center. If needed, you can order assistance by a Tour guide or travel independently.

If you are planning to visit Kazan on your own, you can save money on museum admissions by purchasing KazanCityPass guest card. It allows you to visit at least 5 museums of the city, make 5 trips on public transportation and go on a sightseeing city tour. You can buy this card in the center of the city and at the airport (1349 rubles for one person and 2229 rubles for two persons).

There are too many interesting places outside of Kazan. For the best convenience and saving your time you can rent a car (from 1200 rubles per day) and discover the island – hail Sviyazhsk or go to the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery.


  • The most famous landmark of the city and whole Republic of Tatarstan is Kazan Kremlin which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.
  • Kazan boasts the largest IT-park in Russia which is also one of the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe.
  • Starting from 1897 the Tatarians has been considered as one of the most educated people. Back in the old days when the Russian Empire held a population census it was the Tatarians who were able to read and write in Turkish and Arabian languages.
  • Kazan metro is included in the Guinness Book as the shortest metro in the world. The way from one side to another is just 10 stations and will take you only 10 minutes. Kazan metro was the only one which was built after the breakup of the Soviet Union.
  • In terms of sport Kazan is one of the most developed cities in Russia. Kazan has hosted numerous international tournaments, including fencing, hockey, and aquatics.