Moscow Metro – Explore the Underground Art

Along with the journey through the Golden Ring of Russia, every travel guide includes a trip to another interesting ring. The ring of Moscow metro stations that look like “underground palaces”. Many of them are distinguished by the grandeur of the décor, with vestibules and underground halls decorated with statues, reliefs, paintings, mosaics, stained glass and even paintings of some of the country’s leading artists whose works are presented in various museums of Russia.

The Moscow subway is the most functional and the biggest attraction of the city at the same time. It was opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre line and 13 stations and was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union. Built during Stalin’s time, one of the world’s deepest metro has gone through many changes and improvements and now it is justly called one of the most attractive and must-see places. It is also recognized as the most beautiful metro in the world – 44 of the nearly 200 stations are listed as cultural heritage sites. Indeed, it serves as a museum of Russian history.

Here below we have collected for you the best metro stations of Moscow. Just look for yourself at what amazing art is presented in underground area & don’t hesitate to book your Moscow Metro tour !

Taganskaya Metro St – Opened in 1950

Taganskaya Metro St – Opened in 1950

Novoslobodskaya Metro St – Opened in 1952

Novoslobodskaya Metro St – Opened in 1952

Elektrozavodskaya Metro St – Opened in 1944

Electrozavodskaya moscow metro

Arbatskaya Metro St – Opened in 1953

Arbatskaya station moscow subway

Kievskaya Metro St – Opened in 1954

Kievskaya station moscow

Mayakovskaya Metro St – Opened in 1938

Mayakovskaya moscow metro

 Komsomolskaya Metro St – Opened in 1952

Komsomolskaya station moscow

Park Pobedy Metro St – Opened in 2003

Park Pobedy moscow metro

“Akvarel” (“Watercolors”) train that represents a mobile art exhibition

colourful train on Moscow
akvarel train in moscow